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New update

The new update is horrible buggy please fix. (iPhone 6 iOS 9.3.1)

New Machine

Yeah, wheres the new Machine??

Fun game!

I enjoy playing this one with friends and family very much. There are a wide-range of questions on various topics, which is nice. *Suggestion to Developer- I would like to see an optional note section that comes up after you answer the question with more info or an explanation on the answer. That would be nice to increase your knowledge as playing.

Please fix this

I cannot unsign from facebook

Need new machine

Must have it! Where is it??

Fun and challenging

Trivia Crack is both fun and challenging! One suggestion is to have a way to go back to the questions and answers - like a history log for each user.

New machine?

Wheres the new machine?

Awesome App

I have played hundreds of games. I think that says it all.

New machine?

Did the upgrade... No new machine? Help!

Great Game!

I like that this game can be quickly! I play when ever I am at a bus stop or when I have to stand in a line....I would like to see more time to take your tun during holiday times... Since its harder to get to the game at those time ... Or maybe we can earn a limited number of cards gives an extention.

Extra tap

It annoys me when you get an icon that you have to tap it. You changed the tapping of the very last icon won which I appreciated!

New update

There is no new machine!


Best game ever!!

Wheres the new machine?

From the update, Ill edit this review when it comes

Word Chums is great, worth the price of admission

I love playing word chums, the game is very addictive. It would be nice to have a way to earn coins faster, and level up faster. Other than that, its a great game! It keeps you learning new words and thinking!

Freemium Model Even When Paid Purchase

Would not have purchased had I known Id be asked for $0.99 after five minutes of play or what an hour to get a new question.

Freezes. Questions with wrong answers

I used to love this game, but then it became a money pit for left wing environmentalists. Bye!

Fun game

I really like the game. It is fun and challenging. I have to agree with other reviewers about the question submission process. It would help if there were a definition to what goes in the entertainment vs the art categories as they are often confused. It would also help if there were valid reasons presented for the reviewer to reject the question. I have had some rejected as repeated but which I havent ever seen. Another improvement I would suggest is when rating questions, the ability to go back to a question you have rated as accepted and amend your comment. I have pushed accepted on many questions only to see a misspelling right before it disappears.

Lots of fun


Session Has Expired

Really like the game but it now it says "session has expired" over and over and I have to log in each time (non FB user) I open the app. Dont have to do that with any other game I play and will probably quit playing. Might try to get my money back.

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