Trivia Crack (No Ads) App Reviews

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Very fun

You learn a lot while having fun! Interesting questions!


Best with full version and no ads.

Trivia Crack

The best trivia game ever.

WAS fun

The latest update has screwed up voiceover. It doesnt announce the questions any longer

Honestly love it

I play this with almost all my friends and family members. If we are worlds apart we still have a lot of fun playing it. Hate losing on the big question and being set back 3 correct answers but thats how it goes.

Fun and a bit of challenge

I enjoy playing, challenging others, and making up questions! A good time!


Too many wrong answers and poorly written questions - there should be a review process to check for grammar and spelling before questions are posted as well as right/wrong answers

So much fun

Awesome game! Im not addicted, I could quit any time ... No really, I could. I Swearz.

Just call me Cliff Clavin

Go ahead - learn something new!!


Lots of fun, great questions. Very addicting!!

Trivia Crack

Lots of fun!


Best game ever!!

New update

There is no new machine!

Theres a problem

Im using iPad Air 2 and I use it English language but I wanna play that game in Turkish. I selected Turkish but questionsre coming English language I think youll handle that problem Good work guys

Yeah Discount!

I wanted this discount all the time, thanks!

Please fix this

I cannot unsign from facebook


I agree and echo the reviews of others who rate this app 3 to 4 stars for all reasons they stated. It can be made better by fixing the issues raised.

Fun engaging and interesting

This game is fun well made and interesting. The trivia is great for people old and new and I recommend to anyone looking to test their trivia.

Trivia Crack

I am addicted to this game, its even better than I thought it would be! I bought the full version of it, ad free and all! Its way better without all them ads! However, I do wish they gave you a little more time to think and answer the questions! Im a slow reader and it takes me a few minutes to read and figure out the answer I want to choose! My mind isnt as sharp as it once was when I was younger! Thanks, Val


Love this game. Just wish there was a way to click and learn more about an answer we got wrong. Could be a learning experience.

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